Lord Angermann

Lead Guitars

Rex Lucifer

Vox & Guitar


Bass & Vox

About the Perverts

Our story so far…

Formed in 2006 in Guadalajara, inspired by the Mentors, Sarcófago and 80’s Thrash bands. Using Sex and Satanism in the lyrics over a violent but yet some hints of classic Heavy metal riffs have become a cult band due the intense live shows. Here we are still despite all the backlash along the the years…


Sept ’23 -Farewell Soul Crusher!

We are looking for a drummer, if you are serioulsy interested, send us a message

JUNE ’23 -Farewell Soul Crusher!

Our Drummer, “Soul Crusher”, has decided to move out of town for personal growth. We wish him the best and thanks for these 3 years we played along!

Watch on YouTube for his last rehearsal


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